Comfortable and rapid visual design of Java TM/Swing user interfaces

GUIs can be created by drag and drop as it's offered for example by Visual Basic or PowerBuilder

  No programming skills required

Experts of design and layout, who do not necessarily have programming experience, can easily work with CS3 .

  Immediate preview of the created GUI just at the design process

In one window GUI components are placed and their properties are set. In a second window the resulting layout is updated on the fly. There is no need to recompile and run the application to verify layout changes. Required time to develop even complex layouts is reduced dramatically.

  Code is generated automatically - XML files are used to store created GUIs

Instead of writing complex and cumbersome Java code, CS3 makes use of XML files. This allows to change the visual appearance without recompilation. Once you have designed one view by dragging and dropping the components one designer view, CS3 can generate source code of GUI view file, some stub of controller, some CMP Entity bean, BMP Entity Bean, and DAO. Just wait a while! .

  Direct mapping of events to object methods

GUI events can be handled in any object method for which CS3 has installed the appropriate listeners.

  Support of various layout managers

The most important layout managers GridbagLayout, FlowLayout, Border layout and Null-Layout are supported


  • CS3 is the easiest way to create windows-like java-programs and applets for JAVA platforms, View have less relation with business logic which release developer's capability. Simplify the process of dealing with event, If developer familiar with XML Node definition he will write descriptor of GML(Graphics Markup Language) and CS3 supply "what you see is what you get" tool in order to define the GUI.
  • Components are managed unite, we can access the component by name which supply much expediency.
  • All GUI components are defined in one XML file, the definition of GUI components can be used in other view .Through this CS3 improve the reusability.
  • he easiest mechanism in order to define new component. All GUI components extend one Interface, programmer can define new GUI component according to the component standard which abide by Java Bean standard, meanwhile all events are also abide by Java Bean event mechanism.
  • ll views can be aggregated easily, all views can be viewed as components, we can utilize this component into another view. This thought come up to Component Oriented Programming.
  • General storage policy, user can bind data with RDBMS or other storage structure. This framework will automatically matching data model without programming in order to save more time for dealing with business logic
  • Generate Entity EJB automatically abide by EJB standard.Generate DAO automatically abide by DAO Frame work


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